Experiencing nature

Photo: Annika Schimmele

In Österlen you are always close to nature. With extensive plains, enchanting forests, and open seas, the landscape invites you to varied and unforgettable experiences throughout the year.

The flora and fauna are rich and make southeastern Skåne an eldorado for any nature enthusiast. Regarded as the most magical places are the peculiar hills of Brösarp - the northern and the southernFyledalen with its fascinating birdlife, and Alunbruket by the humming creek Verkeån.

Stenshuvud, Haväng, Ales stenar, and Sandhammaren are other places not to be missed. The many nature reserves encourage you to explore by foot, bike, or skis, either along marked trails and paths or completely on your own. 

On sunny days, go for a swim in the ocean by white beaches, at barren cliffs or in clear lakes. And in wintertime, if you're feeling a bit adventurous, visit the sauna at the docks in Kivik and then take a leap into the ice cold Baltic Sea. 

Beach life

Ystad and Österlen boast almost fifty kilometres of beautiful bathing beaches. The beaches here offer all manner of leisure activities.

There's a beach to suit every occasion, whatever the weather!

Fun and frolics - Ystad Saltsjöbad, Sandskogen

If you’re looking for convenience and ease of access, park at the hotel and make your way with the kids down to the westernmost jetty in Ystad. Here, you’re close to food, a playground, a beach volleyball court and toilets. Various children’s activities are arranged, and the ice cream kiosk is never far away. Enjoy something refreshing from the hotel’s “after beach” bar – relaxation for all the family.

Popular and youthful -"Tredje och fjärde bryggan", Ystad Sandskog

If you’re looking for good company with music and a bit more of a buzz, this is the place to be and is within cycling distance of the town. Ball games on the jetty, lots of sunbathers, great views from the fort, and perhaps brunch along the beach. Don’t forget your sun cream, and don’t miss Fritidsbaren’s famous Danish pastries!

For naturists

You don’t need to be constrained by your clothes along the broad beach west of Nybrostrand or at Hagestad Nature Reserve, east of the River Tyge. Serene, secluded and spectacular.

Magical sunrises - below Stenshuvud

Set your alarm clock, fill a flask with coffee, take a blanket and make your way to the beach below Stenshuvud. Few experiences are as restful as watching a beautiful sunrise over the sea, so come early and see the daybreak.

For dreamers - Rörum

There’s a short walk involved and steep steps down, but it’s worth the effort. Once you reach the beach, an exotic experience awaits: The clear waters and the shady trees bending down from the hill above create an unusual, dreamlike impression. Don’t forget your camera!

For bookworms - Sandhammaren

Let your toes sink down into the fine white sand at Sandhammaren, one of Sweden’s best beaches. There’s plenty of space, as well as peace and quiet for some holiday reading.
A cloudy day with a warm jumper, or a sunny day under a parasol? Just remember to look up from time to time – the sea and the sky create an ever-changing landscape.

Perfect for picnics - Vårhallen, Simrishamn

Bring a hearty picnic and park at the coast north of Tobisvik. The unique, dramatic sandstone rocks and the small pools in between are ideal for climbing and sitting on.
And the reddish, coarse sand won’t end up in your sandwiches!

Stormy weather - Mälarhusen

If you’re dressed for it, a blustery walk can be an exhilarating experience. The beach at Mälarhusen is level, wide and eminently walkable – and just as beautiful on a sunny day as in an autumnal or wintery storm. Undulating sand dunes,
gulls gliding on the breeze, and foaming waves. Listen to the roar of the wind and the sea, and let them clear your thoughts

A gem of a lake

© Schimmele

Lake Gyllebosjön at Ö Vemmerlöv between Rörum and Gärsnäs is a popular swimming and fishing lake, surrounded by interesting woodland areas, herb-filled meadows and pastures.  

The path around the lake runs through enchanting areas, where the forest dips its toes into the waters. There is plenty of birdlife, so bring your binoculars. If you'd like to go out on the water, hire a boat. Try rail biking from St Olof to Lake Gyllebosjön - perfect for a coffee break and a dip before heading back.