Pumpkin soup, Drakamöllan. Photo: Lars Strandberg © Drakamöllan

The experience of Scanian food is something out of the ordinary. The conditions are ideal. Fertile soils, dedicated producers, and inventive chefs make for meals that you'll remember for a long time. 

In Tomelilla in Österlen you'll find both specialized restaurants, ranked among the best in the country, and traditional inns with Scanian specialties such as "äggakaga" and "gåsamiddag". Hotels and manors offer both gourmet food and inspiring wine tastings.

The farm shops are countless and are often ecologically oriented. Local and ecological produce and meat: turkey, lamb, mustard, chutney, marmalade, honey, chocolate, friuts and vegetables. You'll find it all, and much more, here in Österlen.

Take a seat in one of our many restaurants, or stop for a break at a café. There's something suitable for every palate and budget, and we’re passionate about both innovation and tradition.

Rural delights

Daniel Berlin Krog

Daniel Berlin Krog in Skåne Tranås was named the White Guide’s “Rising Star 2011”, for having opened “an ambitious restaurant far from the bright lights of the city, and creating charming, confident cuisine with an indomitable will and a great deal of talent”.

Award-winning baking
Olof Viktors has been named Sweden’s best café on several occasions, and is recommended by the White Guide. The café, coffee shop and bakery was founded by Jan Hedh, and is popular with local residents and visitors alike. The setting is an old farm. Everything is baked by hand using natural ingredients, and the bread is baked in a stone oven. The ice cream is made from authentic ingredients – and nothing else. Treat yourself to the farm shop’s produce, and don’t miss the art at Olof Viktor’s gallery.

Locally caught and smoked
The sea that surrounds Ystad and Österlen offers more than just swimming and scenery. It also supplies delicious fish, which you can eat while enjoying the sea views. The harbour towns and fishing villages along the coast are home to many seafood restaurants, including Havsnära Rökeri at Ystad Marina, Buhres Fisk in Kivik, Maritim Krog & Hotell in Simrishamn, Nya Rökeriet in Simrishamn, Skillinge Rökeri in Skillinge and Ahls Rökeri in Kåseberga. You can’t go wrong with a herring sandwich on rye bread.