Hiking trails by Verkeån

A practical, pocket-sized folder with a map and information (only in Swedish) about the hiking trails around Brösarp. Download the folder at Länstyrelsens webpage. You can also pick up a copy at the Tourist Information Office in Tomelilla.

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Peter’s walking suggestions

Peter Eriksson is a nature-lover from Ystad who likes to share his countryside walks. On his website, stigvis.se, you can find out more about nature in Ystad and Österlen. Here are three of his favourite walks.

Christinehof - Hallamölla (around 4 hours)
At castle of Christinehof Slott are the wetlands of Borstakärr, where the footbridges bring you into close contact with the marsh and its inhabitants. Follow the well-marked trails east for a slightly longer walk. Explore the alum works in Andrarum, and follow the River Verkeån through the countryside. Enjoy a picnic while listening to the waterfall at Hallamölla.

Kåseberga - Hammars backar, hills (2-3 hours)
Kåseberga is worth a visit at any time of the year. When paying the almost obligatory visit to Ales Stenar, continue west along the coast towards Ystad. After a fairly long walk, you will arrive at the hills of Hammars Backar. The halfway point is perfect for a break – bring a picnic, or buy something to eat in Kåseberga.

Haväng - Vitemölla (around 2 hours)
No list of natural sites worth visiting would be complete without a mention of Haväng in Vitemölla. As well as the wonderful light and the views of Hanöbukten Bay, simply walking around in an area that positively exudes prehistoric times is an experience in itself. Havängsdösen Burial Chamber and the many other visible ancient remains create a feeling of affinity with our ancestors. A walk between Haväng and Vitemölla is just the right length. Don’t forget to take some refreshments, as you’ll probably spend longer there than you expected, and take a few detours so you don’t just follow the beach there and back.

Eurorando 2016 - an exciting week of hiking and experiences

Welcome to Eurorando 2016 for exciting and beautiful day hikes in Skåne and Österlen! You’ll experience vast landscapes, deep forests, and get to know a silence that you never knew existed. Among our 80 day hikes, you can find pilgrimage hikes, historical town walks and a trek through the hunting grounds of the famous Inspector Wallander. Follow the Leading Quality Trail certified “Kullaleden” with its fantastic views, where the gentle sea breeze sweeps through vineyards and past ancient monuments. Eurorando 2016 is not just for hiking – you can also participate in a number of social activities, outings in the beautiful province of Skåne, or take a trip across Øresund to Copenhagen, or to Hamlet’s home town Helsingør.

Welcome to an exciting week of hiking and experiences in Skåne and Österlen in the autumn of 2016!

More infomation: www.eurorando2016.com

Österlen day trips: http://www.eurorando2016.com/package-6-open-landscapes



Bike rentals and activities

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Get information about bike rentals and bike activities in the Ystad-Österlen region:

Bike rentals and activities

Do you need to pump your bicycle tires?

There are several bicycle ambassadors around the municipality:

- Brösarp: at the OKQ8 gas station and at the square

- Onslunda: at Borstakongen café and store

- Skåne Tranås: at the kiosk in Tranås

- Smedstorp: at the general store Leif Handlare

- Tomelilla: at the train station

- Tryde: Tryde1303

- Östra Ingelstad: Smedjan bykrog & logi