Fyledalen - a bird-watcher's paradise

Foto: Hanseric Jonsgården

Fyledalen is situated west of road 11 between Tomelilla and Sjöbo. At some places it is several hundred meters wide and about fifty meters deep. Fyledalen consists of various nature: pastures, forest and of course the river which runs through the valley.

Fyledalen is one of the best places in Northern Europe to see birds of prey, for example Golden Eagles and Sea Eagles. Buzzards and Kestrels are also common, and of course the Kite, the official bird of Tomelilla municipality since 2002. Spotted Eagles and Steppe Eagles have also been spotted in the valley during the years.

Black Storks and Orioles can be regularly spotted in the valley, as well as the Blue Kingfisher and the Dipper. During its migration, the Grey Wagtail stops by to feed. During late fall and winter, the Goldfinch can be spotted, especially if there’s good availability of beechnuts. Bramblings and the Great Grey Shrike are other guests in Fyledalen.

Birds of prey are best spotted at the old brickyard, reached from the road that leads from road 19 (sign: Stenby). Another good place to spot birds of prey is Ekebjär, where the road north of Lyckås exits the forest. Also, at Benestad Hills (southeast part of the valley) you can usually spot the birds.

Foto: Hanseric Jonsgården

Wings on the web

If you’re interested in birds and birdwatching, you can find plenty of useful information at www.faglarosterlen.se, run by ornithologist Magnus Ullman. Magnus also arranges guided birdwatching sessions on various occasions throughout the year.